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      Preparing Early for Christmas

      With Christmas justmonths away and theholiday shopping season coming soon, we have toask, “Are you ready?” Here is a scenario that happens every year to shoppers throughout theUK. They see something they like that would make the perfect Christmas gift for someone they know, look over the item in the store, or click on it online for a better look, and then put it down and go about their shopping. We all want to get a head start on Christmas but how early is too early? Should we begin shopping early for our family and friends, or should we wait and join in the throngs of last minute shoppers buying anything that is left on the store shelves?

      There are many benefits to preparing early for Christmas. From purchasing
      decorations and untangling strings of lights, to getting some early Christmas
      shopping done and stowing away presents in closets and under beds, preparing
      early can make the Christmas season less stressful and more about the true
      meaning of Christmas.

      Sure, shopping online has made it easier for some last-minute shoppers, but
      many items are usually out of stock by December or shipping times are extended
      meaning gifts won’t arrive in time for Christmas. I am not saying that you should
      begin your Christmas shopping in summer, but maybe when the wind starts to
      turn crisp and the Autumn leaves begin to fall, you should get started.

      Hiding presents can be a pain as some are just too big to push to the back of
      your wardrobe. Those presents can wait. The presents you should be shopping
      early for are the small items. The ones that mean the most to whoever gets to
      open them on December 25 th . Jewelry is a perfect gift idea because everyone
      loves a beautiful pendant or necklace and jewelry is small enough to hide almost

      When thinking about those on your Christmas list this year, remember to
      prepare early and find them the perfect gift before they are sold out or you have
      to fight the traffic and crowded stores. Shop early and shop online this Christmas
      season and be prepared. By Christmas, all of your gifts will be wrapped and you
      can be relaxing by the fire sipping eggnog.
      For some exciting Christmas gift ideas, visit Oobi Doop and see our extensive
      selection of high quality, pendant jewelry that anyone would love to receive.

      Connecting children to the natural world

      The world is constantly evolving and sometimes we forget something that has been there all along, keeps us alive and makes the world go around: nature.

      Technology is increasingly separating us from the natural world around us. 30 years ago children would put on their wellies and run out into the garden to play and splash in the rain. Now, children tend to sit on their iPad playing virtual games. It seems that over the years, humanity is gradually losing its connection with nature as the connection is transferred to technology.

      Being surrounded by nature and natural items provides infinite benefits to children. Nature is a part of everyones sense of beauty and calmness. Exposing us to things that are alive and growing which ultimately provides endless curiosity and satisfaction for children. Our children should all be at one with nature and educated on the natural world to enhance our inner being and inner peace. With an adult as a guide, children can learn about respecting living things, they can play, they can be happy and begin to become deeply fascinated by the endless hours of fun that nature can provide. Imagination comes into play as children create special places and use natural items to create stories and play. All senses become engaged when children interact with the natural world. Self-esteem can thrive outdoors because nature doesn’t judge people. In this world judgements are becoming increasingly easy to get made especially due to the surge in the realms of social media which has led to huge increases in things like cyber bullying. Keeping your children at one with nature can increase their confidence for a lifetime and provide them with the self-esteem they need to stay strong in the situations that life throws at them. At a time when bullying is prevalent (even in preschools), exposure to nature can help remind children that the world contains an infinite variety of things and ultimately, all are important and that the people who make a nasty comment or pick on you: are not important.

      Inspired by the natural world, our collection of cute and fun jewellery for children is something not to be missed. Whether it be a penguin, a tree or even a bird, your little ones can keep nature close to their hearts and stay eternally connected with our Oobi Doop necklaces.

      Shop here:

      Starting Their Own Business and The Company's Story as A New Business

      Oobi Doop was founded by a husband and wife Team Victoria and Richard in 2017.
      Together they form the dream team. Victoria has the eye for design while Richard
      has a background in jewellery. Oobi Doop was started when their family started to
      grow full of nieces and nephews and they ran out of ideas what to give the children
      in the family. They wanted to give the children something that had great quality and
      that they can keep for many years to come.

      Oobi Doop thrives to create great high-quality jewellery items for children that will not
      cost friends and family a fortune. This children line is called “Little Treasures” and
      they truly are so cute and forms the perfect gift.

      This line of necklaces is made of 100% Silver and at the moment, they only have 6
      charms in their collection consisting of a bird, cat, monkey, penguin, star, and tree
      but the dream team is looking to expand their line in the near future. Their
      surroundings will be their inspiration for their new charms.

      Children are mesmerised by animals and nature. When a little
      girl loses her cat or if our little boy wants to take the penguin home so badly after
      visiting the aquarium but you are too cautious on buying the closest substitute at the
      gift shop, you will be able to jump online and order the cutest necklace online that
      you know will be of good quality and it will not break the bank. The children will be
      able to cherish these necklaces for many years to come and even end up being a
      fond memory when they are grown up.

      Oobi Doop is something personal for the owners and not only because it is a
      successful start-up company but because children lie close to their hearts and they
      want to do it for the children. Creating memories and cute little smiles one charm at a
      time. Be sure to keep an eye on the Oobi Doop website to be first to purchase the
      new charms when they arrive.